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Mitten Sleeve Testimonials Mitten Sleeve Testimonials

Mitten Sleeve Customer Feedback...

OMG I was given a Jack & Abby Mitten Sleeve last week from Maria Lloyd. It is the most amazing gift I have ever received!! I have been battling with my daughters eczema since birth and she is now 4. We were forever treating infection because she would and could not stop scratching. This last week was our worst ever, her eczema and infections were so bad, that she was actually ill because of it. She is now on antibiotics. From the first night of receiving this wonderful gift I have been truly thankful, my daughter is scratching less, and even if she does, she doesnt do as much damage as before!! No more blood on the sheets in the morning, and EVERYONE getting a decent nights sleep!! So I thank you Jack & Abby Mitten Sleeves for creating this product and especially thank Maria Lloyd for giving me this gift!!! I highly reccomend to any parent with a child with eczema!! From Catherine Green (via FaceBook 12/03/12)

Mitten sleeves are the best things I have invested in for my child's eczema! We are ever so grateful to have found them and we have bought two of every size from when our baby was 3 months old (she is now 21 months). They work a treat!!! I would recommend it to anyone!  Yolande (FaceBook)

I just want to say, Thank you so so much for creating this awesome product and making it available to those of us in need. My son is 10months old with eczema and I have just been introduced to these sleeves through a friend whose son no longer needs them, I used them for the first time last night and WOW what a difference they have already made, no fresh scratches and old scratches are already looking better. I can't wait until pay day when I can buy some more. Once again thank you so much for seeing a need and doing something about it because socks on the hands just don't work in comparison. :)     From: Amanda Kyles (Facebook)

Mitten sleeves were an absolute life saver for us when our son had terrible ezcema! He learnt how to pull of any scratch mittens or socks very early on, so mitten sleeves were the only thing that stayed on and prevented him from scratching himself really badly. I don't know what we would have done if I hadn't come across mitten sleeves in my desperate search for something to help!! I can highly recommend them for babies who can't stop scratching!!     Tansy Oliver (FaceBook 2012)

OMG..... I got to sleep so easy once I got my first pair.... I didn't stay up and trying to stop him from scratching himself. And I remember being so over tired and emotionally drained and sleeping when Shawn was sleepn.... Thanks for bringing them out!     Kelly Paku-Cooper (via FaceBook 2012)

THANK YOU!! Your mitten sleeves have given me sleep again. My 10 month old baby girl has severe eczema and she scratches like crazy all the time. I put a pair of sleeves on her and now she will sleep a few hours longer each night. Thanks Jack&Abby.
Anna 29/11/11

The first mittens are absolutely wonderful.  Thank you.  I should have gotten them ages ago!Regards, Ayu Underwood  29/11/11

Thanks heaps for the mitten sleeves! We're up to 3 pairs now and wouldn't be without them for our scratchy wee girl! :)  (TradeMe Feedback)

Am rapt with my purchase and have noticed a total tranformation in my son's skin. There are no longer open weepy wounds and his skin looks great - different kid!! (TradeMe Feedback)

This sleeve has been the best thing ever for my poor eczema baby!!!!!!!!!!! thank god i dont have to see socks on his hands any more. THANKS SO MUCH! (TradeMe Feedback)

I got one of your mitten sleeves at the Parent and Child Show. It has been so great. My 11 month old is definitely a scratcher and since releasing her from the swaddle I've been trying everything to stop the sleeptime scratches. The mitten sleeve is PERFECT! She can even still 'scratch' through the material for relief but not actually hurt herself.  I wish I had brought more at the Show! Thanks for an awesome new product.
Yolande ~ Auckland 04/11/10

I have a 7 month old boy. My baby's nails grow so fast and often I wasn't able to get all the sharp edges off after cutting his nails. He would often scratch his face in his sleep and I'd
find him in the morning with little scrapes around his eyes and nose. I used the mitten sleeves from Jack & Abby and they worked great! No more sleepy scratches!
The fabric washes really well.  I also think they would work great for babies who suffer from eczema and cradle cap itch too. 
Avondale, Auckland
Wow~!  Thank you Jack & Abby, you are a god send!  Fantastic product, I would recommend to every parent with a little one that has 'scratching dramas'.  Thanks again Kara Well done!
Forrest Hill, Auckland
You've helped us no end, I'll be spreading the word at Coffee Group!  My husband and I no longer wake up and find our little Tyler (7months old) a bloody mess!
Pakuranga, Auckland
Just what I needed!  Brilliant!  Fantastic!  Baby Ella (4 1/2months) doesn't mind them, they look great, cool colours too!  I want 4 more please :)
Remuera, Auckland
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